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Pressed Pennies
Pressed Pennies
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Pressed Pennies Guide
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Souvenir Pressed Penny Collecting Books
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1965 Elongated Coin Tencennial Celebration
1966 Elongated Coin Minnie Mouse, New Orleans Square Opens
1967 Elongated Coin WDW Logo, Carousel of Progress Opens
1968 Elongated Coin Winnie the Pooh for President
1969 Elongated Coin Haunted Mansion Opens
1970 Elongated Coin Mickey Mouse, 15th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
1971 Elongated Coin Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes
1973 Elongated Coin The Walt Disney Story Opens
1974 Elongated Coin America Sings Opens
penny-press-machines/ 1 pages
Penny Press Machines for Sale
pressed-pennies-files/ 38 pages
Free Pressed Pennies and Elongated Coins
Elongated Coin Souvenir Tokens, Planchets and Medals
Prototype collector pressed pennies and elongated coins
PressedPennies Terms of Use
1955 pressed penny Castle -Opening Day of Disneyland Park
1956 Pressed Coin Tom Sawyer Island Opens
1957 pressed penny House of the Future Opens
1958 pressed penny Alice In Wonderland Opens
1959 pressed penny Disneyland Monorail Opens
1960 pressed penny Parade of Toys
1961 pressed penny Flying Saucers Opens
1962 pressed penny Swiss Family Treehouse Opens
1963 pressed penny Walt Disneys Enchanted Tiki Room Opens
1964 Tinkerbell pressed penny, First Ambassador Selected
1985 pressed penny Videopolis Opens
1986 pressed penny The Totally Minnie Parade Debuts
1987 pressed penny Star Tours Opens
1988 pressed penny Bellhop Goofy, Walt Disney Co. Buys the Disneyland Hotel
1989 pressed penny Brer Rabbit, Splash Mountain Opens
1990 pressed penny Mickey and Minnie, Party Gras Parade Debuts
1991 pressed penny Ranger Chip, Disney Afternoon Avenue Opens
1993 pressed penny Mickeys Toontown Opens
1994 pressed penny The Lion King Celebration Parade
1995 pressed penny Temple of the Forbidden Eye Opens
1996 pressed penny The Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools
1997 pressed penny it’s a small world Holiday Opens
1998 pressed penny The New Tomorrowland Opens
1999 pressed penny Tarzan’s Treehouse Opens
2000 pressed penny Walt and Mickey, 45th Anniversary of Disneyland Park
2001 pressed penny DCA, Downtown Disney and Grand Hotel Open
Csst Blast Cast Member Pressed Penny
1992 pressed penny Dragon Fantasmic! Debuts
Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies or elongated souvenir medals
Walt Disney World Pressed Pennies and Books
Disneyland USA Elongated Coins and Pressed Pennies
Pressed Pennies and Elongated coins from Zoos and Museums
Walt Disney World Pressed Pennies and Elongated Coins
Mickey Mouse Medal from the WDW Pressed Penny Collecting Book
pressed-pennies/ 3 pages
Custom Pressed Pennies
Pressed Penny Collections
Pressed Penny Definition
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Pressed Penny Machine Locations
pressed-penny-stores/ 1 pages
Pressed Penny Stores, Buy Pressed Pennies and Elongated coins
smashed-squished-pennies/ 4 pages
2002 smashed penny Flik, a bug's land Opens
2003 squished penny The Curse of the Black Pearl Film Premiere at Disneyland
2004 smashed penny The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Attraction Opens
2005 squished penny 50th Anniversary of Disneyland Park The Happiest Homecoming on Earth
squished-stretched-smashed/ 10 pages
1976 pressed penny Donald Duck, U.S.A. Bicentennial
1977 pressed penny Space Mountain Opens
1978 pressed penny Abominable Snowman Appears on the Matterhorn
1979 pressed penny Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Opens
1980 pressed penny Mickey Mouse, 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Park
1981 pressed penny 200,000,000th Guest Welcomed to Disneyland Park
1982 pressed penny A-E Tickets are Retired
1983 pressed penny The New Fantasyland Opens
1984 pressed penny Country Bear Christmas Special Debuts
1975 pressed penny Mission to Mars Opens